UTM Parameter Generator for Reddit Ads

All dynamic URL macros supported by Reddit Ads are available for selection in our URL builder.

Generate tailored UTM parameters for your ads on Reddit. UTM tracking is a more GDPR-friendly alternative to cookie-based tracking. Reddit supports a total of 19 dynamic URL macros to pair with your UTM parameters. They're all available for selection in our UTM generator below. If you'd like to learn more about their purpose, head to our glossary of all macros supported by Reddit Ads. Macros are placeholder values that get dynamically replaced by the designated value pertaining to the clicked ad. To learn more about macros, check out our guide on URL macros.

The full website URL, e.g. https://example.com
e.g. reddit
e.g. cpc (for cost per click) or ppc (for pay per click)
For example the dynamic campaign ID or campaign name macro
The dynamic ad group name or ad group ID macro makes sense here
We recommend using the the dynamic ad ID macro
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