URL Macro Guide

What are URL macros?

URL macros - often also referred to as dynamic URL parameters - are placeholder values that get replaced with the actual value when the URL is generated. Most of the popular ad marketplaces such as Reddit Ads and Facebook Ads support a variety of URL macros to simplify the ad creation process for their customers.

What is the use case of URL macros?

Let's say you would like to run a couple of ads on Facebook and would like to use URL parameters to track their performance. Since each ad has a different name, you would now have to manually change the name of the ad inside of the URL parameter for every single ad. That is where URL macros come into play. Now you could simply use the Facebook Ads supported URL macro {{ad.name}} in your URL parameters and Facebook would simply replace the macro with the actual ad name every time anyone clicks on your ad. Thanks to the macros, you can now use the same URL parameter snippet for all your ads, without having to make any adjustments.

Now that you are familiar with URL macros, check out our macro glossaries of the biggest ad marketplaces in order to learn which macros they support and what purpose they serve:

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